Prayon aims to deliver innovative phosphate and fluorine solutions to customers in numerous sectors, ranging from pet food to the chemical, construction, horticulture, personal care and healthcare industries. In doing so, it maintains relationships with contacts all over the world and therefore opts for a pragmatic approach to their customer-oriented strategy in sales, marketing and the digital B2B economy. This requires innovative solutions for keeping track of each customer and their experience.



TheValueChain listened to Prayon’s needs and developed several solutions to meet their requirements. The first step was to install SAP Sales Cloud, which served to simplify both sales and marketing through personal and relevant communication with customers.  After that, SAP Commerce and SAP Marketing were introduced to enable marketing automation for samples and product launches and create a B2B customer portal with business and marketing data. A real-time HANA database gives sales employees access to customer statuses, quotations, opportunities and more, with 90 users globally enabled to view 360° customer updates on smartphone and tablet.



The most recent SAP implementation allows Prayon to better respond to the digital and economic developments in their sector and anticipate customer expectations. Customer engagement and customer experience have both been optimised, leading to more efficient sales, more accurate forecasts, aligned production, inventory and budgets, personalised communication with customers and the automated follow-up of sample business and product launches.

‘TheValueChain shared excellent solution knowledge and business insights with us,’ says Marc Senterre, Director of IT at Prayon. ‘They understood our challenges and pragmatic culture and translated our long wishlist into a well-built solution. Detailed analyses, respect for our standards and an agile approach resulted in projects that were completed on budget and on time.’ Moreover, no hardware investments were required, which in turn had a positive impact on the total cost of ownership.

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