We know HR in and out

Yet we’re not an HR consultancy firm. Instead, we combine the best of both worlds: robust, cutting-edge SAP technology with a deep, practical understanding of HR needs and challenges. This unique blend enables us to harness the impressive capabilities of SAP SuccessFactors, integrate cutting-edge cloud solutions, and develop custom add-ons that enhance your existing HR systems. It’s the way of TheValueChain.


The impact of SAP SuccessFactors

With SAP SuccessFactors’ HXM Suite, you can put your people at the centre of everything—creating AI-powered experiences that drive real competitive advantage.

HXM Suite centralises and enhances HR functions by integrating core HR, payroll, talent management, and advanced analytics into a seamless, AI-enhanced system. It stands out for its intuitive user experience, comprehensive coverage, cross-enterprise insights, and rapid innovation. HXM Suite operates across multiple layers, ranging from employee experience to core HR and payroll, talent management, analytics and planning, and integration with SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP).

Discover our HXM product portfolio

TheValueChain offers a wide range of custom add-ons for SAP SuccessFactors, designed to enhance your HXM experience. These include an Expense & Travel Manager, an Employee Experience Portal, a Ticketing Manager, HR Analytics, as well as our flagship Document Manager & Digital Personnel File.

We call them our killer apps. They revolutionise HR processes and amplify employee engagement like never before. Each add-on is specifically developed to seamlessly integrate with SAP SuccessFactors, providing tailored solutions in a familiar and robust framework.

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What if I already have a system in place?

Perhaps you have already implemented SAP SuccessFactors or established partnerships with other providers. Still, tapping into TheValueChain’s expertise can offer clear advantages, especially in specialised areas like recruiting, talent retention, and performance management. Partnering with us grants you access to tailored solutions and industry-specific insights, thereby improving the effectiveness of your current systems.

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In March 2023, TheValueChain acquired HuRis, a Dutch SAP HXM and SuccessFactors specialist. Leveraging decades of expertise in HXM and HR consultancy, HuRis brings a wealth of SAP-driven innovation to the forefront of transformative solutions … and to TheValueChain.

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