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The deregulation of the energy market has opened the floodgates to new technologies, new players and new business models that challenge the traditional role of utilities companies. Luckily at TheValueChain, we see every challenge as an opportunity, helping you realign your business to leverage new innovations and generate new revenue streams that will ensure future growth.


Your challenges

  • Highly competitive & deregulated landscape
  • Increasing consumer expectations
  • Price-sensitive marketplace
  • Decentralised business models
  • Rapid digitisation

Smart grids, smart meters, local energy balancing and decentralised P2P platforms: it’s clear that the latest technological innovations have the power to redefine the entire utilities sector. But harnessing them demands the urgent digitisation of often outdated legacy systems into intelligent, streamlined and cloud-ready infrastructure.


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Staying ahead of rapidly evolving energy systems demands an advanced approach to asset management. As an SAP partner with a comprehensive portfolio of major utilities providers in Belgium, TheValueChain is ideally positioned to lead your transformation. We help you uncover new potential models, markets and revenue streams covering the full spectrum of utilities distribution. All via advanced tools that boost your agility, customer loyalty and profitability.

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