Our HyperMission

  • Hyperautomate the Purchase Order Confirmation process
  • Stock accuracy boost


Our HyperProcess

For stow we launched our HyperAutomation Study where we organised single breakout sessions for every department to brainstorm on possible automation opportunities. This produced 20 use cases, including purchase order confirmation and stock accuracy boost.


Our HyperAutomation

A fast-growing company like stow receives a ton of purchase orders that used to require manual entry into an ERP system. Automating that flow is all about analysing purchase order confirmations that come in through e-mail. By using document extraction, we leverage AI to recognise data elements in any supplier PDF template. The embedded probability rate decides if the bot can proceed with the interpreted data or if a user should step in to confirm the order. In any case, the bulk of the task is performed automatically.

Every single PO confirmation receives a dedicated workflow instance, providing continuous process visibility and KPIs that are available at any given time.


Our HyperSoftware

Our HyperChain solution is realised on the cloud-based SAP Business Technology Platform seamlessly integrating with ECC . This futureproof solution can handle a conversion to S/4HANA without any rework. The Intelligent Document Processing Technology works as an extension of the SAP technology in place.

We integrate with SAP S/4HANA through standard SAP APIs, which is key for robust and sustainable automation. Dynamic error handling with user tasks and process visibility are further added to the mix.

By using the latest SAP software we provide an innovative solution that stow can build on for the foreseeable future. Easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain, easy-to update.


Our HyperResults

  • A cost-efficient, low-code solution
  • Improved accuracy and speed
  • FTEs can move on to more valued tasks
  • Increased visibility
  • Better process response time

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