Our HyperMission

  • Sales Order Creation
  • Purchase Order Confirmation
  • Master Data Management
  • Order Processing
  • Transport Workflows


Our HyperProcess

To identify, map and define automation opportunities for Q8Oils, we launched a full-fledged HyperAutomation Study involving every line of business. Together with process owners and IT-leaders, we identified no less than 43(!) use cases. Ten of those could be resolved through standard SAP implementation, the others were placed on a roadmap. We zoomed in on 15 cases, mostly in logistics, and performed a cost-benefit analysis. Eventually 5 use cases were picked as part of our first automation wave.


Our HyperAutomation

For Q8Oils we set up a Sales Order Automation. Customer services have their hands full processing orders, following up on them and sending out status reports to customers. The job requires manually entering details into the system on a day-to-day basis. Work that is mind-numbing, repetitive, slow and error prone. Exactly the kind of process that benefits from hyperautomation.

The solution we came up with relies on SAP and RPA. A bot retrieves PDF data from emails, applies AI to it and creates sales orders via APIs. Exceptions are flagged and sent to the user for review. Ongoing sales orders are automatically collected and sent out to the right customer. Managing status update requests has therefore become obsolete, benefiting both employee and customer. The user receives a clear overview of the logged actions and can ultimately approve or deny the order.

Q8Oils possesses an incredible amount of master data. These critical core pieces of data contribute to the operational excellence of the company. Incomplete or inconsistent master data can lead to costly errors, bad decision making, legal issues or poor customer experience.

Which is why we created smart automated workflows for Master Data Creation. This custom solution provides an AI-based analysis of master data files via an API and/or screen scraping. Through setting up validation and exception rules, the master data is created and managed automatically without human intervention.

For Q8Oils, we also implemented our flagship Purchase Order Confirmation solution that uses AI character recognition to scan and process incoming email orders.


Our HyperSoftware

Our HyperChain solution is realised on the cloud-based SAP Business Technology Platform seamlessly integrating with ECC. This futureproof solution can handle a conversion to S/4HANA without any rework. The Intelligent Document Processing Technology works as an extension of the SAP technology in place.

We integrate with SAP S/4HANA through standard SAP APIs, which is key for robust and sustainable automation. Dynamic error handling with user tasks and process visibility are further added to the mix.

By using the latest SAP software we provide an innovative solution that Q8Oils can build on for the foreseeable future. Easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain, easy-to update.


Our HyperResults

  • Massive gains on effort reduction and productivity
  • Proper master data governance
  • FTEs can move on to more valued tasks
  • Increased visibility
  • Better process response time
  • Improved customer experience

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