Interparking has been active since 1958, when the company built Parking 58 at the World Expo in Brussels. Today, the company operates in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Poland and Romania, totalling 956 car parks in 400 cities. In Germany and Austria, it operates as Contipark.



Due to several takeovers and developments, Interparking experienced a growing need to streamline its fragmented IT landscape. Therefore, the company decided to migrate from SAP ERP 6.0 to SAP S/HANA, taking the opportunity to merge seven SAP clients into one consolidated client and opting for standardisation and a greenfield approach. This meant that the processes had to be fundamentally rethought and rebuilt in S/4HANA.



‘Interparking chose TheValueChain because of our experience in greenfield implementations,’ says project manager Paul Burke of TheValueChain. ‘It is mainly the financial department of each division that will be working with this new software.’

The collaboration started in March 2020. Through workshops with TheValueChain consultants, Interparking identified the best solutions that would improve the company’s IT environment. Intensive training sessions gave key users the knowhow to adapt to this new system. In addition, Interparking chose to introduce the International Financial Reporting Standards within the group.



After extensive user testing and data migrations, the Interparking locations in the Netherlands and the website went live in January. ‘With a dedicated IT team and in close cooperation with the key users, we were able to successfully launch the project in the Netherlands,’ says Paul Burke. ‘We are keeping a tight timeline for the roll-out in other countries. The goal is to implement the transition in two countries every quarter.’ If everything goes to plan, all sites will have migrated by January 2022.

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