Dossche Mills was in need of a system that would provide key insights into the workflow and help them manage potential margin risks by monitoring price developments in the commodity market. Management wanted more control over the changing wheat market prices that would impact financial results. At the same time, the company aimed to automate its financial reporting and to optimise and standardise supply chain processes.

They were looking for a partner who understood the company’s complex DNA and had the architectural and technical skills to build an integrated end-to-end triggering solution. This led them to TheValueChain.



TheValueChain introduced Dossche Mills to the endless possibilities they would find in SAP. The main objective was to make maximum use of the standard SAP functionality. Since automated triggering has an immediate financial impact, it was of the utmost importance to thoroughly test all scenarios and all variations. TheValueChain assisted Dossche Mills in implementing solutions that provided insight into several aspects, including pricing, finance, controlling, procure-to-pay, order-to-cash, as well as integration with external tools for hedging and trading.



The system went live in October 2022. Implementing SAP has given Dossche Mills instant access to potential financial risks, provided them with better insight into their processes, increased their control and improved their supply chain. With the purchasing process of raw materials sorted out and centralised on one useful platform, Dossche Mills can count on the kind of reporting that will help keep the company’s finances safe and secure.

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