pgb-Europe is a Belgian company specialised in the production and distribution of fasteners, screws, wood connectors, hand tools, drills and bits. With their extensive range of clients located all over the world, they rely on a well-functioning supply chain to ship their varied products in a timely manner to whoever needs it. Looking for new ways to improve on their existing workflow, pgb-Europe contacted TheValueChain and asked for assistance in implementing a reliable and streamlined IT system.



To paint a clear picture of the required processes and expectations, TheValueChain produced a blueprint document. It was important to combine the power of standard functionality with a solution tailored to pgb-Europe’s specific needs. TheValueChain implemented SAP ERP on the new SAP S/4HANA platform and added SAP Sales Cloud to enable pgb-Europe to maintain better communication with clients. Cockpits for item management and price control were an important component of the solution as well. For business intelligence purposes, pgb-Europe will use SAP BusinessObjects and Lumira.



The go-live in Belgium and Asia took place in January 2017, followed by a go-live at the production facility in Poland. Now, real-time reporting based on SAP S/4HANA Live enables pgb-Europe to react promptly, and with SAP Sales Cloud, the company is able to provide better and more efficient solutions to its customers. TheValueChain provides further support based on a service level agreement.

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