Miko Group, a coffee roasting company, relies heavily on customer engagement to sell products on a day-to-day basis. Management believed this could definitely be improved with a new webshop and a more efficient IT system to improve the connection between internal departments and gain insight into customer behaviour and customer experience.



Miko and TheValueChain decided to implement SAP Commerce and SAP Sales Cloud, which would allow Miko to increase the effectiveness of its sales department and successfully migrate its six Magento webshops to the SAP Commerce platform. By means of a close ERP and Microsoft SharePoint integration, all checklists and quotations could be linked to individual accounts. This would provide support to the entire account team – sales, back-office and the technical department – and aid them in collaborating more efficiently.

SAP Commerce also enables Miko to engage customers in more meaningful ways by understanding what matters to them at a specific moment. The SAP Commerce portfolio at Miko brings marketing, sales, commerce, and customer service together to deliver rich insights, flawless execution and contextual customer experience. The mobile CRM application enables sales reps to proactively follow up on new market opportunities and expiring contracts.



Following a successful implementation, Miko noticed improved reporting on sales data. Collaboration between departments has also become more efficient, which in turn has led to increased turnover. Meanwhile, the new webshops give B2B customers the same B2C experience as if they were making personal purchases, with personalised 24/7 access on both smartphones and computers. Specific customer pricing is retrieved from ERP, promotions, vouchers and functionalities for sales order creation and quick reordering.

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