Managing meaningful relationships with customers is not an easy task, especially if you take into account Vandemoortele’s presence in a multitude of European countries. Some teams already made use of SAP’s CRM solution, but not to its full potential. Others used a different CRM system, and some had never used one before at all.



While looking for ways to improve their overall CRM experience, the Vandemoortele team quickly understood that a complete re-thinking was the best option. After a thorough, 8-month selection procedure, they joined forces with TheValueChain’s CX unit ‘Canguru’ to help implement the SAP Sales Cloud environment.

This revamp exercise, also known as Project Hermes, started in early 2021, and a first go-live was already achieved by the end of March. Vandemoortele’s teams in France, Italy, Germany and Austria were the first to gain access to the new CRM environment and many more were soon to follow. Country after country saw their CRM systems harmonized over the summer and autumn in carefully planned roll-out waves.


“We were especially happy with the way they handled the time pressure on the first part of the project.”



By the end of November 2021, we handed over the reins to Vandemoortele and the remaining roll-outs and legacy migrations will be managed internally and independently. Canguru will of course stand by to help and our Service Desk will be at their disposal in case questions or issues arise, or in case a second opinion is needed.


“We were especially happy with the way they handled the time pressure on the first part of the project, with a tight deadline for the first go-live. The solution was well built and the project was managed in such a way that we felt in control all the time.”

Geert Vervust and Rudy Goudeseune, Commercial IT and Business project Managers at Vandemoortele


TheValueChain x Canguru

In today’s business reality, speed and agility are the real competitive advantages. As a leading SAP partner with more than 400 consultants, TheValueChain incites you to accelerate and adapt your business to the challenges of tomorrow. With technical expertise and commitment, we jointly shape your digital strategy and convert it into a unique differentiator. We firmly believe that optimising your most vital business processes is the key to acceleration.

With more than 10 years of experience, Canguru has been our dedicated customer experience unit since we joined forces in early 2022. Big enough to cure, small enough to care it bridges the gap between business and technology. Canguru investigates where innovation reaches maximum returns. It delivers new insights and supports companies in improving their daily activities and processes in sales, e-commerce, marketing and service.

As long-term partners, we anticipate how clients can best adapt to the challenges in their industry, how technology can accelerate their business and how they can increase the value of their SAP investment. TheValueChain has offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Switzerland and is part of the Gumption Group.

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