Nedschroef Machinery, a subsidiary of the Dutch Nedschroef group, works in a highly specific industry. ‘We design and build hot and cold metal-shaping machines that make metal fasteners such as nuts and bolts from steel wires,’ says CEO Marc Van Opstal. ‘As we work in a niche market, our list of potential customers is limited. Yet our sales process takes years and we have to keep track of every interaction.’ In other words, to Nedschroef, fostering customer engagement is key. So how do you keep a deal alive over the course of a long sales cycle?



While CRM was definitely a potential solution, Nedschroef feared that a fully-fledged CRM system would prove too much to handle for its relatively small sales team. So when TheValueChain proposed the cloud-based SAP Sales Cloud platform, Nedschroef was immediately convinced. TheValueChain was able to install the platform and provide all necessary information for the key users to work with in a matter of days.



All customer and prospect-related data is now centralised in a user-friendly platform. Up and running in just 20 business days, SAP Sales Cloud makes it easy for Nedschroef’s sales reps to easily follow up on each potential deal, spot opportunities and forge bonds with (prospective) customers – all in order to nurture the customer relationship for years. ‘SAP Sales Cloud is the best possible tool to support us in this,’ says Marc Van Opstal. Sales representatives save time as they can access relevant customer information anytime, anywhere and from any device. And thanks to a detailed overview of quotes, statuses and other information, they are able to provide better customer follow-up. In addition, the platform presents accurate sales forecasts based on aggregated data on competing products, history and other factors.

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