The hygiene market is evolving rapidly due to new product developments and sustainability initiatives from both business and government. Given these market conditions, Drylock Technologies wanted to shorten the time they needed to make quotes, since their retailers often had to wait ten days before receiving the file.

Furthermore, they wanted to have detailed insight into the exact cost of each product, from production and storage to transport. At that moment, they were using five Excel files to do this. So, a user-friendly tool would come in handy.


Canguru was a perfect match as we both have a ‘hands-on’ mentality.



Drylock’s mission is to offer their customers the best product at competitive prices and providing them with an excellent service, not only operationally but also commercially. This continuous search led us to SAP CPQ technology.

We offered Drylock a cloud solution using only one tool in SAP CPQ. Quotes are now made in five days instead of ten. The prices in this tool are always up to date since they’re linked to the ERP system. The result: a substantial efficiency gain, and a smaller margin of error.


For us, one of the key advantages of SAP CPQ is possible integrations with our ERP system. In this perspective, master data used in front-end is aligned with the back-end.



The application gives more opportunities in terms of transparency and reporting. All tender data is combined in 1 big data cube on which we can run several analyses.

Other, more operational, departments know which tenders are pending and can take appropriate actions in advance. SAP CPQ is a one-stop application which means we can run the entire commercial process over there. Consolidation of all info in 1 tool allows us to work more efficient and consequently faster. Decreased time to quote will also be appreciated by our customers, as nobody likes to wait.


TheValueChain x Canguru

In today’s business reality, speed and agility are the real competitive advantages. As a leading SAP partner with more than 400 consultants, TheValueChain incites you to accelerate and adapt your business to the challenges of tomorrow. With technical expertise and commitment, we jointly shape your digital strategy and convert it into a unique differentiator. We firmly believe that optimising your most vital business processes is the key to acceleration.

With more than 10 years of experience, Canguru has been our dedicated customer experience unit since we joined forces in early 2022. Big enough to cure, small enough to care it bridges the gap between business and technology. Canguru investigates where innovation reaches maximum returns. It delivers new insights and supports companies in improving their daily activities and processes in sales, e-commerce, marketing and service.

As long-term partners, we anticipate how clients can best adapt to the challenges in their industry, how technology can accelerate their business and how they can increase the value of their SAP investment. TheValueChain has offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Switzerland and is part of the Gumption Group.

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