Intelligent automation

‘While less than 5% of all occupations can be automated entirely, about 60% of all occupations have at least 30% of constituent activities that could be automated.’ This quote by the McK­insey Global Institute perfectly summarises the raison d’être of this unit.

Hyperautomation focuses on the intel­ligent and agile automation of business processes and administration in complex system landscapes. Our HyperChain team of experienced process optimisation experts can help you develop your hyperautomation concepts. If you take a look under the hood, you’ll find smart workflows (to or­chestrate the process), RPA bots (to perform routine tasks automatically), low-code/no-code apps (so even an end-user can quick­ly build an application) and AI skills (such as recognition software with machine learning). We help you implement and get the most out of these tools to make automation in your company not just another tool but an attitude – a meaningful and powerful driver of success.

About 60% of all occupations can be 30% automated.

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