TheValueChain GO.BEYOND™ accelerator

A lot of clients are still dealing with a manual flow of digital documents, despite far-reaching digitisation within the company. They are working with purchase order (PO) confirmations in different forms and shapes, which employees then need to interpret and process. So, we’re sure they’ll be happy to hear about our new GO.BEYOND™ accelerator: “hyperautomate purchase order confirmations”. Now available on the SAP store!


State-of-the-art service

Using RPA and AI technology, this accelerator relieves employees of the most repetitive, manual, and low-value areas in the PO confirmation process. With a simple drag-and-drop solution, they get a clear overview of the sequential steps to automate. They can then easily outsource workflow tasks to RPA bots and users and maintain business rules for making smart decisions.

Tedious, repetitive tasks are then swiftly and reliably executed by unattended RPA bots and no longer by employees. Tasks can be scheduled or triggered by specific events.

Clients can also request support from one of our team members when necessary; for example, to manage exceptions or to maintain specific business rules. And their processes are always visible on a dashboard.


Secure IDP technology and ERP integration

Naturally, data recognition is an important part of the solution. To make this possible, clients need high accuracy and full-fledged learning capabilities – exactly what our IDP technology in a SaaS model offers. If they already have in-house IDP technology, it can be integrated as well, with standard PO object integration guaranteed.


Benefits in a nutshell

  • Employees have more time to focus on value-added tasks
  • Clients avoid bottlenecks: our hyperautomation accelerator captures incoming info from supplier e-mails at the frequency of their choice
  • They benefit from the deep learning capabilities of AI technology
  • The user-friendly dashboard guarantees real-time visibility and useful insights
  • Their operational costs are reduced, meaning less time wasted on repetitive tasks and increased productivity for tasks that really matter.