Getting your customers to use your SAP Commerce system

All the benefits of having an SAP Commerce system  to Four Reasons to invest in an SAP Commerce system disappear if none of your customers use it. Below are four tips to get the most out of your SAP Commerce system.


Involve your B2B customers early

Incorporating SAP Commerce in your company calls for a technical rollout and business process changes. Ultimately, it’s your customers who will be using the front-end system, and if they’re not satisfied, they may switch to your competitors. This highlights the importance of involving them in the rollout as early as possible.

You must arrange customer interviews, share planned features, listen to their feedback and use it to improve your system. The sooner you do this, the more the system will align with the needs of your customers and the more they will use it. Preferably you start this process before the system even exists, and you never stop doing this.


Use your fans

It’s best to involve your most enthusiastic customers during the onboarding process. These customers are typically responsible for a significant portion of your revenue and have a strong connection to your business.

By involving them, you can more easily gather feedback and input, and share your plans with them. Additionally, your system will be more tailored to the needs of your most valuable customers, providing further benefits to your business.

Involving a sceptical customer is not something you should avoid because they might provide you with valuable insights. However, always surround yourself primarily with the people who want to work and grow with you.


Provide incentives

Having all this customer involvement is great, but nobody is going to change their workflow if it does not offer any improvements or benefits for them. Therefore, you should think about which benefits your SAP Commerce system is going to offer.

A very basic incentive might be to simply offer better prices on your webshop. If these discounts are offset by a decrease in business costs, this might be a worthwhile road to take. However, often you want to be smarter with your incentives.

Many customers may be satisfied with exclusive features offered only in your webshop. For example, you could offer detailed production and shipment tracking on your storefront. You could also provide features that marginally enhance their workflow, such as the ability to schedule recurring orders or reorder quickly based on their order history.

Consider the benefits your customer could gain from your webshop and make sure they are available for them to enjoy.


Use your business flows

Leverage the SAP vision of the future, which emphasises intelligent and connected enterprises with a streamlined customer experience. For instance, you can incorporate links to your webshop in invoice e-mails, which can help increase traffic to your site. Additionally, you can utilise shipment tracking e-mails, FAQ links sent by your help desk and QR codes on shipment documents to facilitate quick communication with customers regarding any potential issues.

By thinking about the full customer experience and how all these customer interactions flow through your business, you can easily guide customers towards the systems you want them to use.

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