From SAP Key User to SAP Consultant

Anyone who takes the step from SAP key user to consultant usually doesn’t take it lightly. This is how it went for me, I have no regrets of my decision.

Immediately after graduating, I ended up in a manufacturing company. It was using SAP to manage the supply chain, from customer service up to planning and maintenance. I was active in various departments and repeatedly came contact with SAP.

I acquired a lot of knowledge in a very short time.  For example, I noticed that you could approach each flow in different ways. As end-user, you often only see one possibility to reach a solution. When you start digging deeper, you sometimes discover new methods to reduce the workload or to approach things in a simplified way. However, colleagues don’t always appreciate it when you, as an end-user, offer other ways of working. They prefer to stick to the way they know.

As a consultant, you are in a different position: people expect you to offer added value.  I was interested in digging deeper into the world of SAP and working with it from a different perspective. However, taking that step wasn’t easy. They are two different worlds. I didn’t have enough knowledge to make it as a consultant – or so I thought!

When I had the chance to roll into the world of SAP, I took that opportunity with the both of my hands.

I didn’t hesitate, this seemed like an excellent way to fulfill my ambition.

Today, I am continuously learning, which makes the job very exciting. Helping customers on their way when they run into problems brings me great satisfaction.

SAP is a world of continuous innovative developments. I can fully anticipate, and work on my career in areas of my own interest. Everything I learn, I share with colleagues and implement at the customer. It is fascinating and enriching to be able to control the buttons behind the scenes and to know exactly what each action leads to.

Are you hesitating to take the step? Are you really fascinated, but does it seem like way too deep a dive? Then my advice is: GO FOR IT. With the right motivation you will conquer any mountain!

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