Webshops are not a novelty anymore. With online shopping being commonplace and B2C businesses plateauing, you may wonder why an SAP Commerce system is still a valuable investment for your B2B company. We give you four good reasons. 

1. It reduces your cost of doing business

You SAP Commerce platform can fulfil a wide range of business functions. It can make information available to customers, accept orders, give automatic discounts, act as a product information management system, and much more. The system will most likely help you increase the efficiency of at least some of your current processes.

By allowing customers to create orders themselves through SAP Commerce, sales reps can save time on answering e-mails and phone calls. The platform also verifies stock availability to ensure orders can be fulfilled. Additionally, new and corrected product information is instantly accessible to customers without the need for catalogue updates.

Thanks to its integration with the SAP ecosystem, SAP Commerce streamlines business processes by automatically directing data where it’s needed.


2. It reduces your customers’ cost of doing business

A well-thought-out SAP Commerce will optimise your customers processes, which in turn will increase the likelihood that they do business with you.

By offering detailed track and trace information and scheduled ordering in your platform, customers can plan ahead and save time replenishing stock. These features can improve their experience and increase their loyalty to your brand.


3. It allows for experimentation

SAP Commerce offers a range of modern webshop features that can be utilised to enhance your business. For instance: A/B testing to compare products, releasing new products to selected customers and experimenting with different marketing strategies.

Moreover, SAP Commerce is adaptable to both B2B and B2C markets, making it a flexible platform to explore new sales channels and expand into new territories without requiring significant investment in new sales divisions.


4. You don’t miss out

The workforce is constantly evolving as new employees join every day. The Amazon webshop was already in existence before some of today’s customers were even born, and younger generations have never known a world without iPhones.

Are you willing to take a chance against your expanding customer base? While your customers may be businesses, they are ultimately made up of people who are increasingly accustomed to digital commerce. Today’s webshop experience is vastly different from that of the 90s and 2000s, but the market is still rapidly growing.

Investing in a webshop now can help ensure that you do not lose out on future revenue by failing to adopt the modern, mainstream way of doing business.

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