What does it do?

Considering pre-delivered standard SAP Output forms? Not really happy with the lay-out? We feel you! Standard outputs contain a lot of information, have a basic look and feel and are not really taking into account your own branding. Keeping that in mind, TheValueChain created the Smart S/4HANA Cloud Forms accelerator. That’s a set of easily adaptable forms which can easily be branded using your own logo’s, headers, footers, company colour and company fonts.


Business challenges

Standard forms

  • Have a basic look and feel
  • Are not taking into account company branding
  • Contain too much information
  • Need to be adapted to fit your company’s needs


Key features

  • Reusable content forms
  • Master form template with and without terms and conditions
  • Dynamic address positioning (left or right, based on company entity)
  • Delivered using your company font and colour
  • Configure your own logo’s, header and footer texts based on company entity



  • Reuse delivered content forms for all entities within your organization
  • Happy with the forms as delivered? No more additional development needed
  • Brandable master forms
  • Based on previous project experience



  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud
  • Adobe Forms


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