What does it do ?

We harvested many years of SAP-MES interfacing knowledge and translated this into our very own best practice methodology and approach to tackle this very common but complex issue in a manufacturing environment.

To compare:

  • SAP Best practice MES integration scenario: 2 interfaces
  • TVC Framework: 7 interfaces and 3 on roadmap


Business challenges

  • Saturated MES-market
  • Complex shopfloor IT landscape
  • Not in-sync MES/ERP systems
  • False planning decisions
  • Leading/following system issues
  • Rapid-evolving integration technologies


Key features

  • Standardized solution proposal
  • Clear and structured interfacing flowchart
  • API (or IDoc) based specification framework
  • Best practice functionalities and strategies



  • Standardized, structured, clear interfacing process flow
  • Reduce the need of detail analysis and start from scratch
  • Minimum viable solution to sync MES and ERP
  • Increase the planner’s visibility
  • Support the planner’s decision-making process



  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud
  • SAP Event Mesh
  • SAP IDoc


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