What does it do?

The hyperautomate invoice scanning facilitates your supplier invoice process of accounts payable, from receiving supplier invoices via email to creating a supplier invoice in the SAP system. It only reaches out to employees when it is really necessary.


Business challenges

  • Too much manual effort
  • Time-consuming copy-pasting values from PDF to SAP
  • Error-prone work


Key features

  • State-of-the-art service for OCR
  • Business logic to link retrieved data to your SAP data
  • Human intervention only when needed



  • More time to focus on valueadded tasks
  • Continuous improvement over time
  • Process visibility on a dashboard
  • Clear overview of different KPIs



  • SAP Intelligent RPA
  • SAP Workflow Management
  • SAP Launchpad Service
  • SAP Cloud Foundry Runtime
  • Metamaze
  • Outlook



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