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Integration is everywhere and it’s a pressing matter in any business. However, it involves much more than making sure your ERP system can exchange data with internal and external applications. Integration is the fine art of connecting systems and applications while keeping in mind that they all speak their own language, have their own standards and work in their own way.

Integration is also about striking the balance between what is useful and what is necessary to keep processes running in a stable and future-proof manner. This is exactly what TheValueChain helps you achieve.

To facilitate integration, the SAP portfolio contains two different products/technologies: SAP Process Orchestration and SAP BTP Integration Suite.


SAP Process Orchestration

SAP has been developing on-premise middleware for years. What started as SAP eXchange Infrastructure has since been enhanced and renamed SAP Process Orchestration.

SAP Process Orchestration (PO) became available in 2012 and currently serves as the reference for on-premise and hybrid integration.

From the very beginning, TheValueChain has offered its customers full support for SAP Process Orchestration. With our GO.BEYOND Integration Approach, we focus on holistic integration. This process starts with obtaining the necessary licenses and determining your current system setup. We assess the existing interfaces and architecture and analyse your business processes. In this way, we ensure that all requirements are covered and that integration is based on SAP best practices and the hands-on experience of our consultants.

Solutions include:

  • SAP to SAP
  • SAP to third parties (Salesforce,,, etc.)
  • Middleware integration


Cloud Integration Suite

Whereas SAP Process Orchestration is the reference for on-premise and hybrid integration, the SAP Cloud Integration Suite focuses on hybrid and cloud integration.

Originally HANA Cloud Integration, this technology boasts a long service record. As for the future, this suite is the way forward: it will be the only supported technology from 2030 onwards (replacing SAP PO).

TheValueChain helps customers adopt this new technology, preparing them for the future. Our integration team can guide you through the implementation of the SAP Cloud Integration Suite and help you migrate your interfaces.


Cloud ALM

SAP Solution Manager (SolMan) is the classic answer to manager your SAP application lifecycle. It has been used for many years by many customers worldwide. SAP Cloud ALM is the cloud-based answer and will be eventually replace SAP SolMan.

SAP Cloud ALM is the tool of choice for all S/4HANA Cloud implementations used to manage projects, conduct follow-up tests and monitor interfaces and jobs, to just name a few of its features.

As one of the leading S/4HANA Cloud implementation partners in Belgium, TheValueChain has extensive knowledge of and experience with SAP Cloud ALM. Join us in harnessing the power of SAP Cloud ALM for your SAP projects.

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