Geert De Winter excelled as Director at SAP BeLux and EMEA in the 2000s. With Jeroen Poot, he co-founded Canguru in 2010, a prominent SAP partner with a focus on CX. Within TheValueChain, Geert will take the lead in the relation with the customers as the Customer Centricity Manager.

Since the late 1990s, Jeroen Poot has been active in the world of SAP, holding positions at organisations such as KPMG and Cernum. Alongside Geert De Winter, he led Canguru Solutions until its acquisition by TheValueChain in 2022. As a partner, Jeroen will lead the CX team of TheValueChain.

Peter Krul joined TheValueChain in 2020 after a career at SAP BeLux. During the last three years, he has been leading the Sales and Marketing team at TheValueChain. As a partner, Peter will take charge of the Business Development activities to acquire more customers.


About TheValueChain

TheValueChain holds a prominent position as an SAP partner, empowering companies to accelerate their growth and adapt to a changing business landscape. With a team of over 400 experienced consultants, the company guides organisations in optimising their critical business processes. TheValueChain operates in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Switzerland and is part of the Gumption group.


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