Expanding on our HXM expertise, including the recent acquisition of HuRis in the Netherlands, we’re now bringing this initiative to Belgium. By prioritising people’s experiences, our goal is to transform the HR landscape and enhance service for existing customers with our extended SAP portfolio.


Shaping workplaces

HXM is not just about managing resources, it’s about cultivating an environment that empowers growth, engagement, and performance. TheValueChain recognises the profound impact of HXM in shaping workplaces where employees can thrive and make their most meaningful contributions.

We’re delighted to introduce Tom Lovink, who took on the role of HXM partner as of November 2023. With decades of HR and consultancy expertise in national and international settings, Tom is elevating TheValueChain’s HXM capabilities for our customers.


Moving towards HXM excellence

Following the acquisition of Dutch consultancy partner HuRis earlier this year, TheValueChain already expanded its HXM and SAP SuccessFactors expertise. We are now dedicated to carrying this forward by delivering pragmatic, innovative SAP-based solutions that optimise both operational and strategic requirements within HR.

We’re therefore excited to present our enhanced service offerings tailored to your business. Our solutions seamlessly link your HR with IT, optimising processes for increased efficiency. With personalised implementation support and a broad range of SAP SuccessFactors add-ons, we’re committed to providing immediate and tangible value for your HR business.

Read the full press release (in 3 languages) here.

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