What does it do?

You can easily search through processed iFlow data using parameters like message type, sender, receiver, and custom attributes to quickly find specific information, including payloads. The platform offers an overview of messages in error to help you identify and resolve issues fast. Need to resend a message? Just manually reprocess it. You can also generate reports on the number of messages sent, categorized by message type, sender, receiver, and status. This tool streamlines workflow management, making it easy to monitor and manage your business processes.


Business challenges

  • SAP Integration Suite is a black box and too technical for Business users.
  • No default Alert notifications configuration
  • Messages (payloads) are not available
  • Re-processing of messages not convenient


Key features

  • Search on multiple parameters and see the status
  • Find the payload directly linked to the iFlow
  • Overview of messages in error
  • Copy message + resend
  • Reporting



  • More time to focus on value-added tasks
  • User-friendly & understandable dashboard
  • Make ‘technical’ insights accessible for Business Users
  • Centralized process visibility
  • Clear overview of errors and possibility to reprocess them



  • SAP Business Technology Platform


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