We're not just another ERP and CX service provider

We are a certified SAP partner, down-to-earth community of passionate consultants and socially engaged, we’ve got our eye on the ball. Accelerate. Adapt. Act. For our customers and ourselves: that’s TheValueChain in a nutshell.

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What do we stand for?


One chain, one team

Our chain’s strength lies in the power of its individual links – our incredible people – and how well they connect and work together. As a customer, you’re a valued part of that team! Everything we do is a group effort, so our talented consultants will closely involve you at all times.


Work hard, play hard(er)

Even though we take our work seriously, we gladly add a pinch of fun to the mix. You won’t find any uptight consultants here, just a skilled group of friendly and easy-going people. Yes, you’ll receive top-notch advice, but we’ll also inspire and encourage each other to become truly future proof. We’ll probably have a lot of laughs along the way :-)


With great freedom comes great responsibility

At TheValueChain, we give our consultants the freedom they need to pursue their passions and interests. It boosts both their happiness and expertise – two essential ingredients of the impeccable customer service you’re about to receive. Win-win? Win-win!


Skip the fluff

Ready to meet some of the brightest SAP minds around? Good news: we’ve got them! More good news: you’ll also get to know the person behind the expert! We get down to business with a pragmatic and no-nonsense vibe – not just internally, but also whenever we connect with you.


Committed to the core

Are we the biggest SAP partner around? Probably not. Are we involved in exciting, cutting-edge SAP innovation projects? YES! We know how important ERP and CX projects are for you, and we want to set you up for long-term success. We can’t wait to get started and to work with you – every step of the way.

Meet the management

We don’t believe in hierarchy – but we do believe our management is a valuable link in the chain.

Our partners

As a leading SAP partner and part of the Gumption Group, we are part of a strong network of experts all committed to accelerating your business.

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Adding value to society

We don’t just believe in creating value for our customers, but for society as a whole. That’s why we choose a project each year that deserves our support. At the end of 2021, TheValueChain chose Junior vzw as its new charity.

Corporate Social Responsibility Team | TheValueChain
Corporate Social Responsibility Team | TheValueChain
Corporate Social Responsibility Team | TheValueChain
Corporate Social Responsibility Team | TheValueChain

About Junior vzw

Junior vzw is a non-profit organisation that supports institutions that take care of children in difficult situations (ill parents, poverty, mistreatment, sexual abuse ...). 
We help them with financial support, but also by literally offering a helping hand: buying and building chicken and rabbit cages, sponsoring, and installing trampolines and organising yoga lessons – with some new yoga gear for the kids, of course.

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