Meet the management

We don’t believe in hierarchy – but we do believe our management is a valuable link in the chain.

Ivan Leysen

Managing Partner

Dieter Oversteyns

Managing Partner

Peter Krul

Partner Business Development and Marketing

David Jacobs

Partner Innovation and Competence Management

Kurt Blaton

Partner Project Excellence

Our partners

As a leading SAP partner and part of the Gumption Group, we are part of a strong network of experts all committed to accelerating your business.

Adding value to society

We don’t just believe in creating value for our customers, but for society as a whole. That’s why we choose a project each year that deserves our support. At the end of 2021, TheValueChain chose Junior vzw as its new charity.

About Junior vzw

Junior vzw is a non-profit organisation that supports institutions that take care of children in difficult situations (ill parents, poverty, mistreatment, sexual abuse …).
We help them with financial support, but also by literally offering a helping hand: buying and building chicken and rabbit cages, sponsoring, and installing trampolines and organising yoga lessons – with some new yoga gear for the kids, of course.

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