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Pour booster votre entreprise, la clé consiste à optimiser vos processus. Nous allions nos connaissances du secteur avec la meilleure technologie ERP du portefeuille SAP afin de booster, d’automatiser et de doper l’innovation dans votre entreprise. C’est ce que nous résumons par : 

Accelarate. Adapt. Act. 

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The Plug-and-Play Commerce Pack allows you to jumpstart your commerce project by providing not only a framework for your webshops, content and product information management (PIM), but a plug-and-play system primed to deliver value to your customers and company. Assemble your own custom application from pre-packaged, ready-tointegrate modules that best suit your needs. Fast.Flexible. Future-proof. Time to speed up your e-commerce!

The YOOZ Connector for SAP helps you to digitise your vendor invoice management according to legal requirements. By sending master data and purchase offers to the system, you will be able to control your invoices and share their lifecycle. After invoice validation you can create open items FI or MM in the system. To integrate the invoices, you can use your standard SAP. 

We digitalise, automate and accelerate your incoming supplier invoice processing within SAP.

Central setup of your company logo’s, addresses and other organization specific form data. Accelerate the creation and maintenance of SAP output forms. This solution is an optional component of the Smart Communication Framework.

When you need to update a lot of materials at once and have no time to run through all the screens for materials or bill of materials, our Smart Material Mass Change Tool will support your end-to-end needs. You can easily extract, change and create material and bill of material master data using Microsoft Excel.

As in the real life of a firefighter, access must be granted to an external resource when there is a burning issue that needs to be solved and when you are running out of options. Our Smart Firefighter and Audit Trail accelerator provides temporary and controlled access as well as full audit trail, without the need to purchase special licenses.

A fully customisable output solution which tightly integrates within SAP ERP & S/4HANA output determination including the generation of personalised.

Considering pre-delivered standard SAP Output forms? Not really happy with the lay-out. We feel you! Standard outputs contain a lot of information, have a basic look and feel and are not really taking into account your own branding. Keeping that in mind, TheValueChain created the Smart S/4HANA Cloud Forms accelerator. That’s a set of easily adaptable forms which can easily be branded using your own logo’s, headers, footers, company colour and company fonts

Our solution provides an easy way to take pictures on various devices and to directly link them to objects in SAP. You can link pictures to a production order, an inspection lot, a batch and an inbound or outbound delivery for quality assurance in your supply chain. The pictures are stored in SAP DMS

Using OData services either for SAP Fiori apps or as API’s? Having trouble with testing and validating these services? With our open-source solution ABAP Open API, you’ll be able to test and validate your services in no time using the user-friendly Swagger UI! This solution is already future-proof and supports both OData V2 and OData V4 services.

With Robotic Process Automation (RPA) you can outsource these tasks to a robot, so you can focus just on the exceptions. Therefore, SAP has included ‘intelligent RPA’ in the product portfolio with out-of-the-box scenarios that can generate instant business value. 

But also custom end-to-end automation can be realised, even cross-system (non-SAP). In both cases, you’re, once again, one step closer to a more autonomous and intelligent enterprise.

Using RPA and AI technology, the HyperChain solution relieves your employees of the most repetitive, manual, and low-value areas of the sales order creation process. Always kept in the loop of this automated flow, this allows them to work smarter, not harder. Incoming emails are processed, content is interpreted, users are requested to manage exceptions, sales orders are created in the ERP and complete visibility is offered by a dashboard. 

The solution is realised on the cloud-based SAP Business Technology Platform, integrating seamlessly with SAP S/4HANA or ECC and with Intelligent Document Processing technology of choice.

Using RPA and AI technology, this HyperChain solution relieves you of the most repetitive, manual, and low-value aspects of the purchase order confirmation process. You are kept in the automated flow loop, allowing you to work smarter, not harder. The solution is realised on the cloud-based SAP Business Technology Platform, which can be integrated seamlessly with SAP S/4HANA or ECC and with your intelligent document processing technology of choice.

The hyperautomate invoice scanning facilitates your supplier invoice process of accounts payable, from receiving supplier invoices via email to creating a supplier invoice in the SAP system. It only reaches out to employees when it is really necessary.

The user-friendly guided buying application helps raise purchase requisitions. You achieve high quality by the use of built-in validations, custom business rules and dynamic fields. As a business expert user you can maintain custom logic without the need to change the code.

Our world is turning conversational really fast with tons of messaging apps and consumers chatting away. Conversational AI enables us to build chatbots that will accelerate and automate all kinds of customer and employee requests, resulting in higher productivity. These bots can be connected to multiple messaging channels like Teams, Twitter or WhatsApp to fit the needs of your business and interact with your enterprise software.

With our business partner company check solution we make sure you get a trustworthy start. Perform a real-time health check and credit control for your prospects and business partners and collect additional information for the customers or suppliers you wish to do business with.

Creating master data is a time consuming, error-prone process. To facilitate this process, we created an automated solution that does the job for you at a higher pace with little to no errors. TheValueChain already has several SAP Business ByDesign customers that use iRPA solutions. So the process of provisioning the tenant is well-mastered.

BarTender, the industry standard for label and barcode creation, requires specific formats. Our Smart BarTender Connector makes communication easy between SAP S/4HANA and your label printers. A single framework delivers the right content to create custom labels in a custom layout by any user in any application.

Calculate your basic (landed cost) prices based on purchase prices, additional costs and comparable items for high volumes of articles. From this virtual price list, you can add a mark-up, resulting in an effective price list.

Price lists can be linked to customers orcustomer hierarchies at various levels such as product hierarchy, material
type, material, sales area, material group..

The Bank Connector automates all financial flows to and from your bank and creates an interface between SAP S/4HANA and the Cobase API. This enables you to perform all banking activities via SAP systemCharacteristics. 

The Cobase Bank Connector minimises banking errors and maximises security. You can execute payments, check receivables, and monitor cash positions within your own system. Payment files sent to Cobase are signed (PKI) and validated by Cobase.

With this solution, you’ll be able to configure all ecological taxes related to your sales of goods and identify them throughout the entire supply chain. 

From quote to invoice, you can automatically deduce the correct taxes for your logistics chain and financial processes.

BarTender, the industry standard for label and barcode creation, requires specific formats. Our Smart BarTender Connector makes communication easy between SAP S/4HANA and your label printers. 

A single framework delivers the right content to create custom labels in a custom layout by any user in any application.

This flexible, user-friendly, and extendable portal integrates easily with the SAP Sales & Service Cloud and allows you to interact flexibly and efficiently with your vendors. 

Manage your tickets, registered products, and contracts in the self-service portal and display your invoices (extension). Avoid time-consuming mail and other interactions and improve your process efficiency.

The Copy quote to opportunity functionality provides a single source of truth for opportunity information and visualisation in SAP C4C. It combines data from SAP C4C and SAP CPQ while displaying everything in one place with no redirections or click-throughs to other systems. This gives you the tools to make smart decisions!

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