A future-proof solution for Innotec thanks to SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud and SAP Sales Cloud

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Innotec, a wholesaler of chemical products and fluids, has an extensive international network of dealers and distributors. Which means a fragmented landscape of different systems, processes and frameworks. To align the sales process across borders, the company was looking to merge its ERP with an intuitive CRM system. With the help of SAP S/4HANAPublic Cloud and SAP Sales Cloud, TheValueChain came with up with a future-proof solution for Innotec. 

Fit-to-standard approach

Innotec’s business model is based on selling chemical products, glues and oils via distributors in over 120 countries. Although the sales and logistics processes are straightforward, the use of many different applications makes for an inefficient and disorderly modus operandi.

The company wanted to move to a single platform for their CRM and ERP. They chose SAP since they we’re looking for a fit-to-standard approach with many best practices. By teaming up with TheValueChain, they knew they could count on a partner with a similar approach and extensive experience in the wholesale industry. 

“The cultural fit and get-the-job-done mentality made us team up with TheValueChain. They perfectly understood our needs, wishes and budget expectations - and adhered to them.” - Dirk Storms, Business Information Manager at Innotec

Offering a 360° overview

Implementing SAP’s Sales Cloud with S/4HANA was the most logical solution. Innotec’s sales representatives were in need of a 360° overview of their customers. Purchase order history, quantities, prices, available stock, forecasting and financials: the entire purchasing process had to be viable on site, in CRM for a better user experience (sales reps) and customer experience (sales customers). 

Basically, our solution consists of capturing sales orders in CRM and immediately processing them through Innotec’s ERP-system. This cloud approach includes accurate forecasting and MRP, which allows Innotec to ensure sufficient stock and timely deliveries to distributors. A big step in optimising the full supply chain process in the future.


“An important part of the driver was to improve the customer experience. By being able to make sales calls based on the most accurate and recent information, we now provide that experience.” - Alex Mesmaekers, Partner at TheValueChain

Since everything moved from on-premise to the cloud, Innotec’s sales optimisation is now completely future-proof. New products, suppliers and distributors are seamlessly incorporated into the system. The entire solution is made fit-to-standard, with all processes set up by default. Thanks to the possibilities of SAP S/4HANA the company can now react much more flexibly to market changes.


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