Internship as an SAP consultant

Looking for an entry level position with impact? Want to change the course of a company’s history? That’s exactly what we do. Learn all about the power of SAP and gain first-hand business experience as one of our interns! Who knows, you may just like it enough to stay for good. 

Internship | TheValueChain

Internship options

TheValueChain is an innovative frontrunner in SAP. We’ve mastered the art of ERP and CX technology and apply them every day to help our clients adapt and grow. When it comes to internships, we offer three options:

  • Integration: integrating applications so they communicate with each other using the BTP Integration Suite
  • Cloud and on-site development: creating applications to optimise business processes, as well as full cloud applications and mobile applications to enhance the user experience
  • SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (iRPA): automating processes and creating fully automated chatbots


Your day as an intern

Depending on the option you chose, you’ll learn how we use SAP to benefit our clients and how these systems take their business to the next level. You’ll also learn how to navigate concepts like IoT, AI and machine learning.

During your internship, you’ll work on projects that match your personal interests. And by ‘learn’ what we really mean is ‘do’. As an active team member, you’ll design, pitch, present and code your way through the weeks. Get ready for fun and educational times ahead!

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Interested in an internship?

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